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Customer Testimonials

Direct Lift:

Garage is modified and all works well! Your guys, Danny and Sonny did a great job and represent your company well. I mentioned to them that there are a few people in the car club I belong to who are just waiting to see how everything turned out. Don't be surprised if you get some more business as a result!

Hope your trip was enjoyable and thanks for everything.


Direct Lift:

I purchased your product and wanted to follow up with a letter of recommendation. I received my Pro-Cycle Motorcycle Lift last week. I followed your instructions that were included with the lift and everything went perfect. I must tell you how impressed I was with the quick delivery and the super service I received from both the home office as well as your dealer.

I received the lift 3 days after placing the order! How cool is that? I have already had my personal bike on and off the lift 5 or 6 times and am super happy with the performance.

I am just in the start-up phase of my new Motorcycle Build/Assembly and Modification business and your lift is the perfect tool for this endeavor. In comparing the other lifts I've seen, I feel I received a super value and could not be happier with the cost and construction.

I am a member of the local chapter of the Christian Motorcyclists Association and am in contact with many other motorcycle owners. I will not hesitate to mention as well as demonstrate my lift to other riders. If you would send me some business cards as well as stickers, etc., I will be glad to pass them on.

Thanks again for making such a great product and remembering that customer service is what it's all about.

One very happy customer,

Dan Hiben

Boise, ID

Direct Lift:

I purchased a Direct Lift from your Portland distributor last Good-Guys show in Spokane. I finally got around to putting it together using a floor jack and just myself and was a little tricky due to weight of certain items, however the instructions were straight forward and all hardware and construction were such that an 8 hour day was all I needed. It is well thought out and works perfectly for my under car storage. It turned my 3 car garage into a four car garage in one day, not to mention the additional feature of working under your cars while standing as opposed to laying down on a creeper. Great Lift, solid and sturdy.

Neal Bedsted

Spokane, Wa

Direct Lift:

I am sure you know the old adage…if something seems too good to be true, then it probably is. Well that was my first thought when I heard about an outfit called Direct-Lift who is selling 4-postlifts for $1995.

After speaking with you, conducting research on the competition, and reading other letters posted on your website, I was willing to take the chance and ordered a lift. This weekend I assembled the lift and wanted to let you know that the quality of the product is excellent. One of your competitors was at a show this weekend that attended. For about $800-$900 more than you charge, he was offering an identical product (without casters or a jack plate).

You certainly have my vote of confidence and I will tell my fellow automotive enthusiasts about the great value you provide. Keep up the good work and thanks for the great product.


Rob Cote

Rochester Hills, Michigan

Direct Lift:

I purchased a 8000 OH mainly to store my boat on, to free up floor space. It has worked out just as planned, I have alot more floor space year round. I unloaded it and put it together alone with ease.


Ron H.
Grand Haven, MI

Seattle, WA

Direct Lift:

Took delivery of the lift last week, installed it in my garage last weekend and it is great. The designers should be commended for its' construction and ease of use. With the casters, I am able to turn the lift and the car on it so that it fits into my garage and still allows me to park two cars under it. Thanks for selling a great product and making the transaction so easy.

Scott Myers

Richmond Heights., OH

Direct Lift:

I never knew how much I would love my lift. We have a total of 7 vehicles between us and I am always changing oil. The lift has made it so much easier. Just did a brake job on my sons truck, again very easy on my back and it went quicker because of the lift. Plus the Direct Lift people took care of me immediately when I had a minor problem with the lift initally to the point I was bragging about the service. I like the unit so much I got my boss to buy one, he didn't even look at another brand just bought a Direct Lift on my recommendation.

Terry M.
Tucson, AZ

Horton, MI

Direct Lift:

I have had my Direct Lift for several years. Easy to install and has worked completely without any issues.. One of the best investments I have made for working on my cars. I completely rebuilt my green car utilizing my lift. I would reccommend if you want/need a lift, dollar for dollar this is what you want.

J. David P.
Louisville, KY

Direct Lift:

The times I have used your product it has proven itself invaluable in both abilities and reliability. We at Street Dreams restore muscle cars of all makes and your lift handles everything we ask of it.

On a Thursday afternoon I called the phone number provided on your lift to explain that the motor had failed. You pointed me to your distributor in Temecula, California. I left a message that evening. On Friday morning they returned my call. I explained my problem. I told them that I had a car in the air when the motor failed and could not lower it as I needed to unlock the lift to lower the car. They called you to have a new pump/motor assembly sent next day freight and on a Saturday morning the part arrived at my shop by Fed-Ex.

My customer, the owner of the $40,000 '55 Chevy stuck on the lift, and my employees were elated to say the least for the wonderful service provided by you and your company.

On behalf of everyone at Street Dreams, we are proud to be associated with a fine company like Direct-Lift. We share the same commitment to quality, customer service and helping automobile enthusiasts realize their dreams.

Tom Hanson, Manager

Direct Lift:

I own 4 British cars, and nothing is more difficult than trying to get under one to do any kind of work. With Direct Lift, working on them is a breeze. A relative of mine bought one and also loves it. Should have done this years ago. I also use it to service my truck and family car. Well built and certified by the lift industry.

Sam S.
Canadaigua, NY
Louisville, KY

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